Table View Cell size changing

I have been having an issue with my TableView in Xcode using Swift.

I am using Parse, (Sad its shutting down soon) but I think the problem is in the Interface Builder. (IB) The issue is that it adds a huge white space below each cell.

Here'sa link to the picture: (I don't have enough reputation to post images straight in the question)

As you can see in the cell on the IB, there is no space but for some reason it adds this huge space. I have checked the image resolution and size and its the exact size for the UIImageView

Setup constraints in your UITableViewCell. Then in viewDidLoad say something like:

self.tableView.estimatedRowHeight = 120.0 //Or some other approximation of your cell's height

This will cause your table view's cells' height to be determined by the constraints set in the cell.

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